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South African Artists form The Art Gallery Hermanus

Four local South African Artists have created a home at THE ART GALLERY HERMANUS, on the corner of High Street and Royal Lane.

Christine Henderson and Jeandré Marinier had a mutual dream to start up an Art Gallery and exhibit their Paintings. They contacted a few local artists, Erna Dry and Lize van der Walt who where immediately game for the adventure. It was just a matter of finding the right spot, which was not an easy task. But, with a bit of perseverance, they had their grand opening on the 25th of September 2015.
Deon Opperman opened the gallery and said it was a ‘leap of faith’. . . ‘One we have never regretted!’ they commented.

Each artist has their own distinctive style, and they work in different mediums, but their artworks blend together harmoniously in their spacious and bright Art Gallery. Their exhibition combines art styles from contemporary to include abstracts, seascapes, nudes, drawings and ceramics.

All four artists rotate their time to be at the gallery during opening hours, as they enjoy interacting directly with their clients. Artwork can be commissioned and shipped.

THE ART GALLERY HERMANUS is part of the First Fridays Artwalk, held on the first Friday of every month.


Jeandré Marinier, South African Artists
From Abstraction To Realism
Jeandré Marinier:

I have found a passion for expression through oil painting. At the heart of my work is an intuitive desire to express my joy of life with others.
My goal is to find a perfect balance of fine drawn detail and spontaneous flowing colour that makes the artwork crisp and draws the viewer in for a closer look.
Driven by the inspiration of nature, it’s textures and patterns I employ a wide variety of subject matter from realistic to abstract. I put my creative heart first.

After my health problems, painting helped me to heal, rediscover, feel. It moves me deeply and I hope in turn that it moves others and brings them joy.

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Erna Dry, South African ArtistsDrawings & Ceramics Born Of Nature & Mythology
Erna Dry:

Erna Dry is an artist who specialises in drawing and ceramic sculpture. She draws her inspiration from nature and mythology often working in combination.

Dry has had a ceramic studio for the past 30 years, and has over time, trained numerous previously unskilled men and women to sculpt and paint ceramic figures and animals.


Her first love is drawing and she now manages to juggle her time to indulge in both disciplines. Her work is currently on display in The Art Gallery and Hornbill Gallery , both in Hermanus.

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Lize Van Der Walt, South African Artists
Richly Textured, Expressionistic Works 
Lize van der Walt: 

Lize’s paintings have a defined signature and the viewer will recognise her distinct style. Her inspiration is derived from her immediate surroundings and emotional journeys.

The subject matter might be real and existing i.e. ‘Grotto beach’ but the viewer will almost always find himself on a journey.
The light draws you into the scene bringing forth the viewers own spiritual ending. Lize specialises in semi-abstract, and semi-realistic seascape and landscape painting.

Recently her paintings have become more expressionistic with rich textures, multiple layers, poured paint and brush and palette knife marks.

Her approach is to draw people in and invite them to experience emotional and spiritual feelings of the soul, not just The image itself.

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Christine Henderson, South African ArtistsSpontaneous Simplicity Of Form 
Christine Henderson:

My desire to paint was re-awakened after joining an Astar painting group. Artists are encouraged to work without planned outcomes or expectations this makes it a liberating experience.

My creative expression is a meditative process drawing on subconscious aspects while striving to honesty and simplicity of thought and expression.

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